Web Copy and List Archive Features

KIRIM.EMAIL always try to bring new features that is requested by KIRIM.EMAIL users. Through this page, we inform You that there are new features in KIRIM.EMAIL, They are Web Copy and List Archive.


Web Copy is the website version of the broadcasts that you have sent with KIRIM.EMAIL.

Maybe if you want to reuse old broadcast content in your other promotional channels.

You can use this features in the KIRIM.EMAIL application without any additional payment.

You can learn more here.


List Archive allows you to create a special page that contains an archive of broadcasts that you have sent to Email list.

In this way, you may be able to take the advantage of your broadcast archives to offer to your loyal customers, whether paid or not.

You can use it in the KIRIM.EMAIL application right now. You can click here.

Thus about this announcement. Thank you

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