Grow your business with real human (not spam, not a bot)

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No bot, no inactive email. Built your living breathing human that will be going read your email.

Conveniently human, with affordability in mind

With our 3 step email verification technology, you don't have to worry about maintaining your list. We constantly review your email list and remove the bots. So, it will always be real people on your list.​

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They give you a verifier separately?

Built-in Email Inbox 3

You need more time to think about your business, not to check every single duplicated email or waste your money to connect them to your current email marketing service.

Low Cost = High Margin

You can get both email automation and built-in email verifier, instead of pay more, and of course, it will decrease your marketing cost, and rise your margin.

Built-in Email Inbox 2


Email marketing service that built-in with email verifier technology with no additional cost

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Honest & Transparent

We don't want you to pay more for inefficient email lists. Every time your customer signing up for your different offer, we count it as once.

Built-in Email Inbox 5

Verifier Runs With No Click

Once your customer signed up, the verifier will run automatically to make sure that's not a bot, spam or duplicate account.

Built-in Email Inbox 5

High Open Rate

Zombie Email Removal will remove every single unverified or dead email, so they don't come and haunt you.

Built-in Email Inbox 5

High Conversion

Send your promotion to active email solely will make your campaign runs better, and increase your conversion as well.

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