Frequently Asked Questions

What is KIRIM.EMAIL Credit?

You can use the credit for three things:

  • Send email broadcast, autoresponder, and automation.
  • Validate your email list. All your subscriber’s emails will automatically get validated. 
  • Send a transactional email with third-party apps/services.

1 email credit = 1 email sent or validated

So every time I add or import email addresses, will it reduce my email credit?

Yes. But, credits will not be reduced if you use a double opt-in form.

Is there a way to turn of the background email validation?

Currently no. A healthy email list is a critical component to the success of your email marketing campaign. So it will be best if you let it run in the background. In some cases, your email list will get reduced in number when importing or transferring your data from other ESP. This is normal, and it’s the email validation doing its job.

Other times you will find the import process is taking longer than usual. This is normal, too, because some email lists require a more intensive validation process than others.

How many are contacts that can I save on my account?

You can save up to unlimited contacts based on the credits that you have.

Does KIRIM.EMAIL has its own Transactional Email/SMTP?

Yes, we have built-in transactional email/SMTP.

Is this allowed to send cold emails?

We don’t allow you to send cold emails with KIRIM.EMAIL.

Can I use KIRIM.EMAIL to create a form to get a lead and then embed the form on my website?

Yes, you can. We have all the basic functionality for email marketing.

How many landing pages dan custom domains that can we have?

You can have unlimited landing pages with unlimited custom domains.

What are sub-accounts?

Sub-accounts help you to create and manage your client’s accounts without password sharing.

Can we assign the credits to sub-accounts?

Yes, you can.

Can we modify the sub-accounts credits?

Yes, you can.

What would happen to the list if I had not kept in touch with them for a while?

Your list will get removed after no engagement for three years. But, don’t worry about that.


After three years, most of your subscribers will forget about you, and you will get high spam reports from your list.


So not the technical stuff you should worry about, but the limitation of human attention.

Do we need to pay for any of the landing page templates?

We have a free landing page builder for all users. In addition, there are many free templates and paid templates that you can use.

Can I use my custom domain for transactional email?

Yes, you can use DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to prevent email phishing or email spoofing.