How can we cut more than half of your yearly email marketing bills?

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By the numbers: Some of the email marketing companies give you limitations on how much you can send per month. If you want to send more, then you have to pay more.

If you decide to manage your email marketing by yourself, then you have to pay separately for dedicated SMTP services. The average starting price is about $25 for 30.000 emails; after all that you still have to do all the technical works yourself.

Remove the email addresses that didn't do good things for you

Our built-in, world-class email validation technology will remove all of your email bounces, spam traps, and other lousy emails. Your email list will always have real people inside, ready to read your message.

You don’t need need to pay separately for email marketing and email validation: single pricing and a single dashboard.

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By the numbers: $15 per month for validating 2000 emails, or $180 per year, depends on the number of your subscribers.

We do not charge for duplicate email addresses

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Sometimes, people subscribe more than once in your email list and create duplicate email addresses. Duplicate emails are one of the reasons your email marketing bills blew up. We count real people only. That means, when somebody subscribes 19 times on your email list, she will still count as one person.

By the numbers: On average, about 15-30% of your email list are duplicates, depends on your average number of transactions per month. Accumulate it by the year, and you pay hundreds of dollars only for copies of email addresses.

Focus on growing your business with peace of mind

Every time you got a new subscriber, we’re running a background check with everything that we can about that email, to make sure that there are real people behind it. If somehow, your subscribers stop opening your email for a while, we will remove them automatically.

You didn’t have to pay for those dormant email addresses that didn’t want to do business with you but didn’t unsubscribe either. These continuous checkings are running in the background. You don’t have to maintain your email list again and can focus on growing your business.

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By the numbers: On average, at any given time, about 6-10% of your email list are bounced emails, spam traps, and inactive email addresses. And they keep coming back again and again even if you manage to remove it.

Free Unlimited Landing Pages with Unlimited Custom Domains

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With our free, built-in landing page builder with a custom domain, you can save money on hosting services. You can test various ideas before deciding to go on a full-scale website. Did we mention that it’s free?

By the numbers: Website hosting nowadays is pretty cheap with decent services. Some of them started below $5 per month. But consider you want to grow your traffic fast, then the cost will increase rapidly.

Use it directly with your favorite tools

Without coding, without hassle








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Google Ads

And another thousand apps through Zapier, Integrately, and Pabbly Connect.

Real People = Real Business

Start crafting your perfect message right now. Let us work hard to deliver your message to real people.

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