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Setup giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches in minutes. Make your customer earns point and rewards for referring friends and promoting your products.

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Create viral campaign & viral contest to multiply your customer quickly & easily

Introducing Viral Campaign & Viral Contest

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Getting tons of subscribers is a draining effort, you might have done everything to grow your audience rapidly. Including using influencers to promote the link. However, it did not pay off.

We know a better to grow your subscribers. Instead of using influencer’s help, you can use your existing subscribers to share your link on their social media platform.

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Why is this important?

You want your business to get the leads every day while getting leads becomes more expensive today. Use your audience's help to get low-cost leads.

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The benefit of using viral campaign & viral contest

You can get the leads effortlessly because your existing subscribers are helping you to share your link.

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Another advantage of using this feature is that you can create a viral contest without a website. So, you do not need to mind about hosting, design, URL, etc.

Get More Subscriber Using Your Existing Subscriber’s Help

You can deliver email bonuses and gifts to your subscriber after they invite others to register their email in your form.

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Multiply your customers by creating Viral Campaign & Viral Contest

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Choose Viral Campaign Types

You can choose Referreal Count Viral Campaign and Top Waitlist Viral Campaign. Both have a particular function.

Schedule Your Viral Campaign

Schedule the deadline of your viral campaign or viral contest so the campaign will end at a certain time.

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Put a Form in Your Website

Create a form as you wish, share a direct link, or put it in your website.

Social Media Share Button

Equipped by social media share button to support your viral campaign and viral contest

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Send automatic email right after your new customer sign up. You can send the email for several time even if you just write only one email.

Data Report and Fraud Detection

See the result of your viral campaign and viral contest to detect fraud participants. So, you can get a high-quality data.

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From solopreneurs to multinational companies, KIRIM.EMAIL will help you maintain your precious customers while still maintaining affordability for your business.

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Launch your giveaway campaign in minutes with KIRIM.EMAIL

Just set it up and forget it. Let's the app do the job.

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