KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional

Transactional email service with superior deliverability, easy integration, and scalable infrastructure

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First In The World!!

Single Pricing Transactional Email & Email Marketing with Email Credit and No Recurring Fee

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Transactional Email

Send emails to users based on certain triggers from your application, such as password reset email, one time password (OTP) email, registration email, invoice email, and others

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Email Marketing

Send emails marketing instantly without any setup and server fees. Get all the features: Email Builder, Landing Page Builder, Email Automation, Viral Campaign, and many more

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"KIRIM.EMAIL is my most valuable software this year"

Haswata Prasanna

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Seobal Business
Mrs India 2020-2021

"You should compliment your team, your API is much better than many other company APIs that I use. Greate Job!"

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Why KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional?

Superior Email Deliverability

We always maintain our delivery reputation and optimize delivery to ensure that every email can be instantly delivered to your user's mailbox.

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Scalable Infrastructure

With years of experience in the email marketing industry, our infrastructure is capable of sending up to 5 million emails per day and we can scale it up instantly based on your needs.

All In One Platform

With email marketing, transactional email, and email validation in one app, you don't need to use another app to grow your business.

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Reseller Opportunity

You will get the opportunity to sell email credits to your clients by becoming a reseller. Get the best price from us.

For Developer

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Fast Setup & Easy Integration​

Send transactional emails to your users instantly with just a few lines of code

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Custom Domain​

Add DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to prevent email spoofing or email phishing

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Track every email sent to users over time directly from your dashboard​

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Powerful Analytics​

Get a complete report starting from email sent, delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, and suppressed.​

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Powerful API​

Use API Keys to send emails more flexibly using Curl, Python, Java, Go, Ruby, PHP, C, and Nodejs

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SMTP Credentials​

Use SMTP Credentials to send emails in the easiest way that you can directly integrate into your application​

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Dedicated IP​

Distribute your email traffic to specific IP addresses to maintain delivery reputation and improve deliverability​

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HTML Email Template (Coming Soon)​

Send transactional emails using ready-to-use HTML email templates to make them look more professional in the eyes of your users​

Learn How We Beat Them All!

  Email Marketing Transactional Email Email Validation Pricing Plan
Single Pricing
Amazon SES
Pay third-party apps
Pay third-party apps
Pay third-party apps
Pay third-party apps
Pay third-party apps
  • KIRIM.EMAIL can save you up to ten thousand dollars per month because it’s like paying Mailchimp, Amazon SES, and Zerobounce all at once with lower prices.
  • Amazon SES, Sendgrid, and Mailgun didn’t give you many features like email marketing services. But, KIRIM.EMAIL has Landing Page Builder, Email Builder, Viral Campaign & Viral Contest, Magic Opt-in, Google Sheet Integration, etc.

Get KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional Now!

Only $0.001/Email Credit

No Recurring Fee

1 Email Credit = 1 Email Sent
1 Email Credit = 1 Validated Email*

*) Email validation applies if you use the Marketing API​