Get the most of KIRIM.EMAIL's advanced features to maximize your marketing process

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 22

A single app that can help you automate most of your business promotion activities

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 23
Increase Sales

Increasing sales is much easier by collecting customer databases, especially email​

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 24
Increase Repeat

Repeat purchases will increase as promotions to loyal customers become easier

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 25
Build a Heart-to-Heart

Build a good relationship with customers and make them fall in love with your brand even more

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 26
Email Builder

Increase Monthly Sales Even More

landing page Builder

Increase New Subscriber Email Database​ Even More

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 27
KIRIM.EMAIL Features 28

Sending Unlimited Emails Automatically


Useable With Your Favorite Service

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 29

Primary Features

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 30
Email & Landing Page Builder

Design emails and promotional pages using the drag & drop builder to make them look more beautiful and more professional

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 31
Google Forms & Google Sheets Integration

Import, collect and organize your email list easily using Google Forms and Google Sheets

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 32
Facebook Ads Integration

You can integrate KIRIM.EMAIL with Facebook Ads directly at no additional cost

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 33
Viral Marketing

Setup giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches in minutes

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 34
Online Store Integration

Automate your marketing process by connecting your online store with email marketing

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 35
WhatsApp Button

Connect directly with your customers via the WhatsApp button in the email

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 36
Email Automation

Send a custom email automatically when someone subscribes to your email list or buys your product

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 37

Track your customers by country, city, province, and time zone

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 38
WordPress Integration

Increase your sales by maximizing your WordPress website to generate more traffic and lead

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 39
Telegram Integration

Expand your marketing reach by sending email broadcasts to your Telegram channel automatically

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 40
Advanced Sender Domain

Prevent your emails from entering the spam folder with a custom configuration according to your domain

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 41
Google Ads Lead Form Sync

Automatic synchronization of lead form data on Google Ads campaigns to email lists

KIRIM.EMAIL Features 42

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