Double Opt-in VS Single Opt-in, Why Not Both?

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Single Opt-in is simpler but it doesn't do much for your privacy control. While Double Opt-in offers a better engagement yet it is more complicated.

We can help you to solve the dilemma with Magic Opt-in

What is Magic Opt-in?

Magic Opt-in is the process of confirming subscriber's emails while clicking the link for accessing the lead magnet. The subscribers do not need to confirm the email manually, because after they click on the lead magnets, they are confirmed automatically. So, it is like they are registering using a single opt-in method but their email is verified like using a double opt-in.

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No Extra Work For Your Subscriber

It's much simpler on the subscriber's side because there's no separate confirmation email. They only need to download the lead magnet to confirm it automatically.

It Is Much Safer for Us

So the lead magnet download link is the confirmation link. The email is confirmed when they are clicking the download link or any other link. You can make any link to be your confirmation link.

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How Magic Opt-in Works?

Your subscribers sign up their email through the form

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They get an email containing your lead magnet download link 

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With only one click, your subscriber download your lead magnet and verify their email at the same time       

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You get a high-quality subscriber without asking them to confirm their email address manually

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Why Does It Matter?

A high-quality subscriber is the most prominent factor in the email list. You know for a fact that these subscribers are genuinely interested in signing up to your emails, and that this is definitely their email address. You want to make sure that they are happy to receive your emails, but you want them to have the simplest way to do so.

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If the number of your email subscriber is still low, but it has a high quality, then your email is likely to be read, replied, and clicked (if there is a link), every time you broadcast. That is much better than a large number of subscribers but there is no intimacy or meaningful relationship between you and them.

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The chat box at the bottom right corner inside your dashboard will be ready for you. Click it anytime you need it, and we'll help you get through it all, we won't leave you behind.

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From solopreneurs to multinational companies, KIRIM.EMAIL will help you maintain your precious customers while still maintaining affordability for your business.

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Flat Email Credits

You don't need to pay a recurring fee to us. You only pay when an email sent or an email validated.

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Flat Email Credit

Pay As You Go
  • 35,000 Email Credits
  • No Recurring Fee

Flat Email Credit

Pay As You Go
  • 75,000 Email Credits
  • No Recurring Fee

Flat Email Credit

Pay As You Go
  • 100,000 Email Credits
  • No Recurring Fee
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Prefer to pay monthly or yearly recurring charge?

Get a subscription price with an unlimited number of emails sent. Suitable for those of you who regularly send emails every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 35,000 Email Credits means 35,000 Emails Sent or 35,000 Validated Emails
  • Credits will be reduced when an email is sent or validated
  • Credits will not be reduced for sending a double opt-in confirmation email

It ensures all of the email addresses that you save on our platform are active emails.

Yes, It has a 1 year validity period.

Currently, you can buy up to 125,000 Email Credits. If you want to buy more, please contact us at

There are no features limitation at all. You can use all features without limitation, from Email Builder, Landing Page Builder with Custom Domain, Viral Campaign & Viral Contest, Google Sheets Integration, etc.