Coming Soon_ The New KIRIM.EMAIL Automation 2.0 (1)

Coming Soon: The New KIRIM.EMAIL Automation 2.0

Essentially, the automation feature makes email marketers do most of their jobs much easier. Starting from adding tags to sending emails automatically in response to specific triggers and many more. And now, KIRIM.EMAIL has been planning to launch the new Automation 2.0 soon to facilitate its users better to automate a broader set of works.

Automation 2.0 will replace the Automation feature that is now on the dashboard of your KIRIM.EMAIL application.

With the new Automation 2.0, you’ll get:

  • A more flexible and improved user-friendly UI.
  • Usable templates like Abandonment Cart, Early Birds Discount, Subscriber Onboarding, etc.
  • More stable and reliable features than the previous automation.
  • And many more improvements that’ll make Automation 2.0 the new best automation ever.

Since this is an all-new feature, the consequence is that you cannot use the data from the previous automation in the new Automation 2.0.

How Does It Look? [The Preview]

To reduce your curiosity a little, here we kindly give you a short glimpse of how Automation 2.0 looks.

Coming Soon: The New KIRIM.EMAIL Automation 2.0 1

Coming Soon: The New KIRIM.EMAIL Automation 2.0 2

When Will It Come Out?

We’re now incorporating loads of feedback, addressing bug issues, and completing the final stage of development. So, stay tuned for the next updates from us. We’ll get back to you as soon as it’s time for release.

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