You Cannot Activate Gmail Sender Anymore

Through this blog article we want to convey and remind you again.

Starting Monday, April 23 2018, you cannot activate Gmail email as a sender. Because sending broadcasts using a Gmail email address had caused many problems.

However, for those of you who have activated the Gmail sender before, we will not delete it until the date we set, which is June 18, 2018.

This is not caused by our system but Google has made an announcement regarding this policy. We have also conveyed it since 2016 through our official Facebook page.

So, we suggest you use your email domain for sending broadcasts.

The fact that a lot of users have experienced problems, the deliverability rate is also low and it can reduce your credibility because it makes you look less professional.

So, if you have activated the Gmail sender before, you can still use Gmail as a sender to send broadcasts or autoresponders.

However, we limit it to 18 June 2018.

After that we will delete the Gmail sender from your dashboard, and you can no longer add Gmail emails as senders.

As a solution, we recommend you to use email with your own domain & hosting, because:

  • Domain costs per year and is relatively cheap
  • Look Professional
  • Hosting for email doesn’t have to be big and the costs are relatively cheap.

I will continue to send a reminder to you. Thank you
Dion Arfan
Customer Success.

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