Zombie Email Removal Report Details

Have you ever heard about Zombie Emails before? As it is known, Zombie Email is an email system that helps the owner to access, send and receive emails that couldn’t access for a long time. Probably because they have changed their email addresses, did not log in on purpose, forgotten the password, or else the owner has passed away.

In case your list got Zombie Emails, it can be removed with the Zombie Email Removal (ZER) feature by KIRIM.EMAIL.

Zombie Email Removal (ZER) feature does helping the users of KIRIM.EMAIL to get qualified subscribers.

In 2021, ZER will come with a new feature that will make users more flexible in managing subscribers who are no longer active. This new feature is ZER Report Details.

With ZER Report Details, you could find out to whom the email has become a zombie. Besides, you could collect these Zombie Emails and export them as CSV files.

How to Use Zombie Email Removal (ZER) click here.

Thus this announcement. If you find any queries regarding ZER Report Details, please feel free to contact us at support@kirim.email.

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