5 Best Tips to Create Landing Page to Capture Email – a Beginner’s Guide

5 Best Tips to Create Landing Page to Capture Email – a Beginner’s Guide

5 Best Tips to Create Landing Page to Capture Email – A landing page plays an important role, especially in email marketing as it usually serves to drive conversions. It is also a designated page where you are brought to when you click on an online advertisement.

A well-designed and targeted email landing page will lead people to submit their personal information, making a purchase, and more.

In this way, it is crucial to create an awesome email landing page to attract people’s attention and make them keep reading the content.

So, what can you do to optimize the use of the landing page to capture email? Check the ideas below!

5 Best Tips to Create Landing Page to Capture Email

1. Make It as Clear as Possible

A good landing page requires clarity. This one of the most important key factors in the email marketing campaign. So, when creating the landing page, make sure that that people can catch what you mean simply by reading the headline.

Your order should also be easy to understand by your readers. In this way, this will be very helpful if you can make the sentences simple and less wordy. Make sure to create a seamless funnel for your email recipients to click through.

A clear funnel should be started with catchy and easy to understand the headline. Create grammatically flawless paragraphs in your email and make them comfortable to read.

Don’t forget to create a distinct purpose in the email landing page and be sure to make it easy for the recipient to find out the goal

2. Make It Simple

Simplicity is another important aspect of the landing page for the email marketing campaign. In this way, keep in mind to avoid giving your readers more than one CTA or bombarding them with too many texts.

Set your focus on the main purpose of your landing page and put all of your efforts into it. This will make it possible for you to reach a great positive impact both on the conversion rates or clicks. To provide a simple one call to action is by highlighting it in a different color to attract particular attention from your readers.

However, make sure that you do not use this treatment in another part of the landing page. This to avoid the readers’ distraction and keep their focus on the CTA. Then, the most important button of your landing page should be the call of action that you wish the readers to do. It can be a simple action such as “Sign Up Now!” or “Subscribe Now!”.

3. Eliminate Escape Routes

One of the best ways to use a landing page to capture email is to get rid of any escape routes for your customers from it. If you see professional landing pages out there, you might figure out that they lack website elements.

Things like social media buttons, a footer, support links, a header, and a clickable logo to return home are absent from the page. It is done with a purpose, that is to avoid providing escape routes for the readers.

The logical reason behind this idea is that the more chances you provide your readers to click away from your landing page, the fewer readers that will do what you wish them to do.

It is just as simple as that. When receiving your email marketing, you will want the recipients to follow clear instructions given and then sign up or subscribe to it.

4. It Should Look Like Your Email

Another important aspect you should not forget in create landing page is the appearance of your email and landing page. To keep people’s attention to your email marketing campaign, it will be helpful if you make the landing page have a similar look with the email.

This is also one of the best ways you can do to avoid any suspicious response from your customers. People tend to suspect a link is a scam and close the window immediately once they see significant distinctions between the landing page and email’s look.

5. Use It to Close the Sale

You can also maximize the potential of the landing page to capture email as a perfect opportunity to close the sale. The time when your customers read your landing page, this is actually the conversion moment, even if it is not meant as a sales promotion.

You need to keep in mind that the conversion moment is the most critical time for your customers to make a decision.

This is the moment when they set up their mind to provide you with their personal information in exchange for whatever you offer on the landing page. However, it doesn’t mean that they actually have made their decision.

This is because they might be only curious about what you are offering and then click the link provided in the email. If this is the case, make sure you use this chance to convince your customers that it will be a great deal to take and remind them what they will miss out if they don’t do it.

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