7 Email Marketing Best Practices to Optimize Your Online Marketing Strategy

7 Email Marketing Best Practices to Optimize Your Online Marketing Strategy

Either you want to collect sales leads, sell products online, or run a blog, email marketing can provide you with valuable assistance. It will help you to create an engaged email list. Not only that but email marketing can also enhance your subscriber lifetime value, reduce churn, and boost click rates.

Here are email marketing best practices that will improve the results of your online marketing plan.

Avoid Spam

Do not spam! That’s the first rule you need to keep in mind when planning an email marketing program. This is because spamminess leads people to give poor judgment related to the content of the email itself. It is often associated with uppercase subject lines, irrelevant content, and more.

The spamming will also show people how poor you engage and collect your email subscribers. In this way, make sure that you do not purchase an email list or sign people up without their concern first. You also need to know that buying email lists is often associated with spam rates. As an alternative, you can add your physical address in the email or give people an option to unsubscribe.

Consider a Double Opt-in

Another best service of email marketing you should put into consideration is using a double opt-in. It is a method that requires people to send their confirmation email just after they sign up. This will allow them to know that they have signed up and need to click a button to confirm that they want to keep signing up. However, make sure to keep your double opt-in email looking sweet and short.

In this way, you need to design it as attractive as possible. For instance, you can put the confirmation button just above-the-fold. This is also crucial to include validation of why people need to sign up for your email marketing. Not only makes the overall look of the email more interesting but it is also a great idea to help you prevent FOMO on your freshest content.

Build a Cadence

This is one of the email marketing best practices you can try. To develop a cadence, you can start by deciding how frequently you want to send your emails. Most of the time, the email will be based on the actions of your users automatically.

These include shipping notifications, order confirmation, double opt-in confirmations. However, this will be helpful if you can get in touch with your subscribers through email at least once a month. Hence, make sure to brainstorm an email calendar fit the content marketing, event marketing, as well as other promotional plans in your calendars.

Send the Email to Yourself First

It sounds weird but sending email marketing to yourself is another best practice to improve the results. This is also one of the best ways you can check if there are any mistakes you make when writing the emails, including finding typos. Sending the email to yourself will also help you to ensure that the images uploaded show up, all the links work properly, and the formats look fabulous both for a smartphone and desktop.

Easy to Subscribe

When creating email marketing, you also need to make sure that it will be easy for the recipient to subscribe. Luckily, there are many options available for you to choose from. Embed signup CTAs throughout your blog is just a great idea to try.

As an alternative, you can add sign up form to your social media platform such as Facebook page, tweet out a link to your subscribe page regularly, and add a pre-checked checkbox along with any other form where the recipients could enter their email address. Also, keep in mind that you can’t risk people forgetting what they have signed up for since human attention spans are usually shorter. In this way, make sure that you deliver your first email within 24 hours after they subscribe to it.

Make a Schedule

Keep in mind that it is crucial to deliver your marketing emails based on your unique customer set. In this way, you should plan the best time and day to send the emails. When creating the schedule, you also need to consider the specific time zones of your customers, in case they are living in another part of the world.

Give Options to Your Email Recipients

One of the email marketing best practices you can put into consideration is to provide your email recipients with options. You can do it simply by offering them different newsletter subscription options for their subscriber churn rate.

This will be very helpful if you can offer the recipients a subscription offer for their blog based on topics and frequency. As an alternative, you might consider letting them opt for fewer marketing emails or stop subscribing for a certain duration of 30 or 90 days.

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