Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates!

We’re arriving at the end of this very challenging year. Lots of ups and downs, and financial reengineering for a lot of businesses. We too have our own challenges, but still, those features won’t release themselves.

Check out KIRIM.EMAIL latest updates this month.

KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates

Premium Stock Image from Shutterstock

premium image from shutterstock : latest updates

I’m glad to announce a very special collaboration between KIRIM.EMAIL and the market leader on stock images: Shutterstock.

Now you can use millions of premium images from Shutterstock directly from your landing page and email builder inside KIRIM.EMAIL.

You can purchase all the image licenses directly from KIRIM.EMAIL, without ever leaving KIRIM.EMAIL and disrupt your creative flows.

Learn more about this feature here.

Google Sheet Multiple Accounts feature

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 3

Another great new update from one of the most beloved features, you can now sync your Google Sheet to KIRIM.EMAIL from more than one Google Accounts.

Now, It can be much easier for you to work with various sheets in several Google Accounts.

You don’t need to export and import to one of your Google accounts to synchronize the database from the sheets. You can also work with client’s sheets without going back and forth sending files. Try it now.

Learn more about it here.

And More…

Those are two new things from KIRIM.EMAIL this month. However, just in case you miss it, KIRIM.EMAIL also has some new features which have been launched a few months ago.

You can use Landing Pages with unlimited custom domains.
You asked we delivered.

Previously, you could only use one custom domain for all landing pages that you created on KIRIM.EMAIL. Later we notice that, for some of our users, one custom domain isn’t enough, and perhaps it’s you.

You can use multiple custom domains for your landing page at KIRIM.EMAIL.

Click here to learn more about it.

Advanced Sender Domain

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 4

“Advanced Sender Domain” is a glorious phrase for your SPF & DKIM setup. What it does is, you can use it to remove the words “via KIRIM.EMAIL” on your email campaigns.

Click here to learn how to use it.

Gmail Inbox Strategy

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 5

It’s not really a feature, but it’s a guide to help you deliver better emails.

We’re updating the Gmail Inbox Strategy guide to prepare you for 2021. You can learn more about it here.

Magic Opt-In

Most email marketer has love-hate relationships with double opt-in. You need it, but your subscribers hate it.

On the other hand, if you use single opt-in, you never know what kind of email addresses that you get.

Therefore, we made a Magic Opt-In which is simpler than double opt-in but will give you a higher quality email list than single opt-in.

More info about this feature is here.

Embedded Viral Form

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 6

Perhaps you are currently running a viral form campaign from KIRIM.EMAIL and want to put the form on your website or landing pages. Now you can do that easily.

You can create a viral campaign on any landing page, just follow the steps in here.

KIRIM.EMAIL Integration with Integrately & Pabbly

Now you can use Integrately & Pabbly with KIRIM.EMAIL to create new automation based on your needs.

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 7

If you’re using Pabbly, you can integrate your KIRIM.EMAIL account with Pabbly by following the steps in here.

Check Out 8 KIRIM.EMAIL Latest Updates! 8

For Integrately, here is the tutorial to integrate KIRIM.EMAIL with your Integrately here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email or contact us through live chat on the website.

Let’s make some life-changing campaigns!


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