Update! Credit Card Payment Changes

Starting the second week in 2021, KIRIM.EMAIL has one news update for you.

New year new update? Yes!

Well, KIRIM.EMAIL has some exciting yet good news for you.

As you already know that KIRIM.EMAIL used gateway 2checkout as our payment to accept credit cards.

To make KIRIM.EMAIL have better payment methods, we decided to move to Stripe as payment for credit cards.

We no longer use gateway 2checkout.

If you already subscribed before December 18, 2020, the renewal will be stopped. Don’t worry, because you can still subscribe to KIRIM.EMAIL. All you need to do is renew the credit card payment by yourself.

After changing it to the new payment method, in this case, Stripe, the renewal process will run automatically. You can use KIRIM.EMAIL as usual.

If you are confused or don’t get how to change it, you can email our customer services at support@kirim.email.

It might take time to renew it, but you will never regret the result.

Last but not least, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep making KIRIM.EMAIL even better.

If you have any questions, set it free to reply to an email at support@kirim.email or contact us via live chat on the website.

Let’s start our 2021 with new and refreshing action!

Dion Arfan
General Manager at KIRIM.EMAIL

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