How to Respond Negative Comments on Social Media

This question come, because recently negative comments is found everywhere. In social media, blog, or even in email. And how do you respond negative comments on social media? 

As an internet marketer, we used social media, blog, or even email. We must be aware about the content that will be upload on social media.

Even though, we are uploading about the positive content, it’ll be still found the negative comments. Especially if we respond in an inappropriate way. The problem will make you lose.

The personal brand that we build can be dangerous due to inappropriate responses to negative comments.

How to Respond Negative Comments on Social Media

Your response depends on the nature of the comments and the specific situation. The context will be something only you and your universe can really understand. So we won’t to differentiate the respond negative comments on email, blog, or social media. It is flexible, so you can apply in all platform. There are a number of respond to negative comments:

  • Keep Calm
  • Respect others Opinion
  • Open Minded
  • Express Your Feelings
  • Don’t Shout and Swear
  • Used Emoticon Smile.

Keep Calm

We find this on Facebook and news blogs. They are called haters who send the hate speech in other people. And both are included in the negative comments. According to Fox 5 news station in 2013, 60% of Americans are irritable. But, being calm and patient is the first way we need to respond to negative comments on email, social media or blogs. With that, we are not easily provoked by emotions, so we can think clearly to face of these negative comments. Remember, when emotions have taken over you, no matter who you are, your image will be bad in the public.

Respect Others Opinion

We must know that negative comments it still be opinion. How bad these comments, we must respect them. Just because someone’s opinion is different that your own, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. Respect others opinion won’t make us feel right. Even though we are in the right way, it makes us to think again and build a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere on social media, email or blogs.

Open Minded

Open minded is want to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to your own. Or it can be want to listen to other people and allow new ideas, suggestions, and opinion from others. Open minded make us know about others point of view to face of negative comments.

Express Your Feeling

To respond negative comments, we don’t need to attack back. You can express your feeling at that time. Or you just to say: Yes. It’s hard to evade the negative comments, it’s important to respond constructively and don’t attack back to them. 

Don’t Shout and Swear

There are 2 things that you shouldn’t do; don’t shout and swear. It can make uncomfortable atmosphere and getting noisy. Both of them won’t get the benefit. The thing that’ll happen is awkwardness and make you have a bad image in public.

Used Smile Emoticon 

In email, blog or social media you can used smile emoticon or stickers. This will help you to defuse the heated atmosphere caused by negative comments.

Especially if you have online shop. You’ve met buyers who are rude and make you frustrated. Also, they who might be disappointed with your product and leave negative comments on you. To respond them you can add emoticons in your comments. 

There is one research which reveals that use emoticons when serving customers gives a more personal impression. The effect of emoticons exceeds images in online communication, customers feel the presence of the company’s emotional side when emoticons are displayed during interaction.

If you have any questions and suggestions, write in the comment below. Share this article on your social media accounts so your friends can get the same benefits.

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  1. Yes, you should have an open mind and be able to take all kinds of criticism as a content writer. Since everyone has a different perspective, you cannot assume that all reviews would be favorable.

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