7 Strategies to Build Personal Brand Online

In this article We would like to share about 7 strategies to build personal brand online. At this point, that will help you to make your personal branding. Maybe some of you still ask about what is personal branding, what is the benefit that I get and how personal branding do it effectively?

Personal branding itself, have so many benefits on business such as, online shop, blogger, YouTuber, Advertiser, Freelancer, etc.

What is Personal Brand?

Personal branding is a conscious and deliberate effort to create and influence public perceptions of individuals by positioning them as authorities in their industry, increasing their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their careers, increase their circle of influence, and have a bigger impact.

Why Do You Need to Build Personal Brand Online?

Before we discuss about the strategies to build the personal branding, there are 3 reason why you need to build personal branding:

  1. Personal Branding is differentiator. If you as a freelancer or marketer who sells products through social media, personal branding will differentiate you from your competitors. Personal branding tells people why you are better than others. Through personal branding you are saying “This is what I am and this is what I do” without you have to claim it.
  2. Personal branding to create connection. People with good personal branding will take the others attention. So, they want to be your friends or followers. In this process there is a connection between you who have a personal branding with someone who are looking for it. Transactions in business start from the trust. Create the best personal branding of yours, they’ll trust you and your product.
  3. Personal branding increase the authority. Usually, if you have good personal branding, your authority also high. With that, you can influence other people. Your suggestions will always follow by them.

7 Strategies to Build Personal Brand Online

There are three reason why you need to build personal branding. The discussion below is about 7 strategies to build personal branding:

Create Your Own Domain

The first strategy to build your personal branding online is creating your own domain. We suggest you to buy domain based your name with dot com ( .com ) extension. But, if your name is already used by others, you can add some word such as; blog, web, notes, etc. here the examples:

Add the Professionals Picture Profile

In the digital era, profile picture is the first identity to seen. Therefore, use a professional profile picture in your account. Don’t need in a formal way, but if it’s necessary that’s even better.

Keep the Username of Yours in Every Platform

To check about it, you can use services in below:

· http://checkusernames.com/
· https://namechk.com/
· https://www.namecheckr.com/
· and so on.

That services will help you to check username in every platform. If still available, then claim it immediately.

Write 5 Words that Describe You

It’s all about you. You can write anything you want. It’ll help you to build more the personal branding of yours. It can be your slogan to share it with others.

Indexed on Google

Make sure your name is indexed on Google. So when other people write your name, that will be connected to all your platform such as; website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Instagram will appear on the first page of Google search. If still doesn’t appear yet, then optimize your website and account.

Create Professional Email

To build personal branding, you need to create your professional email. It’ll make your account look professional. You can’t use @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. Besides that, you need to use email marketing services. KIRIM.EMAIL is the best email marketing services.

Cross-platform Promotion

The last strategy is cross-platform promotion. It means that, you can do the promotion in other platform that you have. Such as Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. You can do it every day to increase engagement of your accounts.

Those are 7 strategies to build personal brand online. We hope this article will help you to build your personal branding and see you in the next article.

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