KIRIM.EMAIL & KonnectzIT Integration; What are the Benefits?

Probably, you are now using several applications to support your marketing and sales. One of them might be KIRIM.EMAIL to automate your email marketing. 

However, you may have another application to build your subscriber email database. For instance: Google Forms for surveys, Calendly for meeting schedules, and other applications.

Besides that, you may also want to sync data from those apps and turn it into a database for you to email offers later on. 

But, if it is done manually, it absolutely will be very inconvenient. One of the most ideal ways is to automate it.

That is the reason why KIRIM.EMAIL now has integration with the KonnectzIT application to meet these needs. You can connect data from various applications through KonnectzIT intermediaries to your KIRIM.EMAIL account. 

Or in short, KonnectzIT is a new alternative to Zapier. You only need to set the automation, and your database from one application can be directly synchronized with the list in KIRIM.EMAIL.

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 – Hasbi Putra

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