One Reason that Make Your Email Marketing Ineffective

You’ve been using email marketing for a long time, but still feel ineffective, unsuccessful or even failed? Keep calm, you are not alone. Because, there are many online businessman outside feels the same way.

I’ve received so much respond about email marketing that doesn’t work when applied to businesses, ineffective, has few closures, has no effect on sales, etc. Most of the respond say that the impression of email marketing is not right and effective way to grow a business.

But I didn’t stop there. I personally have been using email marketing for years and have felt the taste and effectiveness of this email marketing.

So what Am I doing to response them about ineffective or unsuccessful email marketing? I asked them to send the promotional email, so I can read it. I also asked some data such as open rate, click rate, etc. I did that to see the effectiveness of email marketing.

Reason of Ineffective Email Marketing

After look the data above, I start to get a pattern the reason of email marketing to be ineffective. All of those people who claim that have failed used email marketing have the same pattern. They write email in a wrong way.

The criteria that I found:

· The content little bit too much,
· Doesn’t directly offer or explain the product.

So, the problem is not about the channel or the ineffective email marketing. But, it’s all about the content.

No matter what, it will be bad.

If the same ads run in other channels, the results won’t be so good. Email is a marketing channel, just like BBM or WhatsApp when you sell with the app. So, treat it as a marketing channel, or perhaps more accurately: a direct-to-customer communication channel.

Therefore, email is often called as a direct response advertising, because it is direct from us as a seller, to buyers.

The effectiveness of email marketing content.

Because of email marketing has direct communication, the content should have the following criteria:

· Don’t beat around the bush when promote using email,
· Directly offer, explain your product well,
· Provide a strong CTA (call to action),
· Immediately tell to your potential buyers what they should do next: Should they buy? Where? How much does it cost?? How do I order it? etc.

From my experience, successful emails are those that are written like chatting with readers. We do this to make the readers become comfortable, so that your email marketing becomes effective.

Principles of effective email marketing.

If you’re using Facebook or other channels for advertising, the same content may not apply to email marketing. Because, its direct and personal. So you need to adjust and differentiate the ads content on Facebook and email.

The principles of effective email marketing are: to the point.

It will be selfish and ineffective if you don’t sell directly on email. The person who has emailed you usually have a problem and hope you have a solution. So, immediately offer your solution to potential buyers. Do it consistently to get the effective email marketing.

Well, now you know the reason of your ineffective email marketing right? Besides that, you get tips and trick to make effective email marketing content and principles.

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