5 Elements of Writing Emails That Make Your Subscribers Open, Read and Respond to Your Email

Before discuss about the 5 elements of writing emails that make your subscribers open, read and respond, there is one interesting data about email marketing that you need to know.

Based on the data from Radicati.com in 2015 there were about 205.6 billion emails in the world that have been sent every day. If it is converted based on the total population of the earth which is approximately 7 billion, so from the average data one people gets 29 emails per day.

The data divided equally between: children, young people, adults, who have email address or those who don’t have email address. If the divided factor of data is about people who use email, then it will be one people get more than 29 emails per day.

You can download the data source from here.

Problems and Opportunities in Email Marketing

The 3 main problems in email marketing that we can encounter:

  1. The email is not open;
  2. The email is not read;
  3. The email is not getting response.

Among 29 emails received every day, only the interesting emails that were opened, read and responded to.

Whereas with email marketing, if you spend just $ 1 you can get $ 38. This can make email marketing 40x more powerful at acquiring buyers than Facebook and Twitter combined. You can check Email Marketing New Rule to know more about the data.

After knowing the problems and opportunities of email marketing. What should I do to get my subscribers to open, read and respond to my emails?

  1. Email Personalization
  2. Nice Display
  3. Motivation
  4. The right time to send email
  5. The Email length

Email Personalization

In writing an email there is the term called personalization. What does it mean? It means that you must knowing and caring about your email. Usually, in email marketing, the senders of email don’t care about who and how the subscribers.

According to research, email with personalized subjects get 26% open rate higher than emails with non-personalized subjects. In addition, personalized emails get 30% a click rate higher than non-personalized emails.

In the following ways below will help you to write the Email Marketing:

  • If possible, you can write your customer’s name in the subject and content of the email you send.
  • Mention the personal information, such as location, recent purchases, or even pages they’ve viewed.
  • Use the person singular pronoun “You”
  • Write the email as if you were talking to your subscribers.

Nice Display

In one email should have one main purpose. There is only one reason, one question, one outcome, and one request. That is the limit of a nice display. It will not help if the email content design is full of color with lots of pictures, but the message conveyed not clear.

To make a nice display of email, there are a several things below that you have to follow:

  • Email Subject
    The best subjects are interesting subject without using clickbait, short and clear, important and encourage people to take action.
  • Number of characters:
    • 51-60 characters have the highest read rate.
    • 6-10 words have the highest open rate
  • Sender
  • The first sentence of Email
    The first line in your email is the most important thing. Therefore, make your email readers focus on the first line of your email. You can use the word of “You” to start the email.


It doesn’t matter you are as a beginner or as a professional, the emails that have been sent must have value. It means that you need to know about your subscribers’ minds and can answer the question: What’s in it for me?

  • Thinking of benefits not about sales
    In email marketing, if you are selling product, don’t show to subscriber that you are selling. Give the benefits to your subscribers, what will he get if he buys the products from you.
  • Use definitively commands
    Instead of using “click here to learn more” it would be better to use “click here to start a 30 day’ free trial”.
  • End with CTA
    For example: Register now at KIRIM.EMAIL to use the best email marketing and autoresponder services in Indonesia.

The Right Time to Send Email

  • The best days to open email: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • The rare days to open email: Saturday and Sunday.
  • The right time to send an email:
    • Monday – Saturday at 11.00 WIB
    • Sunday at 09:00 WIB
  • Urgency trigger
    Use words now, today, tomorrow, limited, over, to remind the reader that time is the most important thing.

Email Length

Email marketing should be written in short and to the point. There is a rule for that: short, concise and clear. You must write email with 100 words.


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