The Anti-secrets Of Email Marketing

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I’ve kept getting asked about some secrets of email marketing.

What are the best subject lines?

What’s the best email design?

What are the best practices for increasing deliverability?

And so on.

But, after being an email marketing practitioner since 2008, the truth is: I don’t know.

I sent it.

I mean, maybe that’s the secret, or the anti-secrets, send the email.

Recently, I just realize that I purchased items from Stickermule, more than I thought I needed.

Why? Because I’ve kept getting new deals from their emails, of course.

And how does the email look? Well, check this out:

It’s ridiculously simple.

I don’t even know what “Custom kiss cut stickers” means, but I want one.

“Inflation” as a subject from a company that sells stickers? I have to open it.

After reading some of their emails, I’m thinking to myself, boy, I’m trying too hard.

Can I recommend you to try it? Absolutely not. But if you want to try it, be my guess. Please keep me posted of your results by replying this post.

Is it bad? No, it’s better than 99% email on my inbox. It’s stands out for sure.

They keep sending me those emails with the oversimplified copy, and it works, at least for me. And I hope for them, too. Well, they keep sending it, so it’s a sign that it works. Right?

It’s the same on deliverability, subjects, etc.; I don’t know where this email landed; that’s why I’ve sent it. I’ve checked the stats later, and move on to the next email.

The point is, you read it. And that’s all that matters.

So built the funnel and send your emails.


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