What’s New on KIRIM.EMAIL This Month?


Last month, KIRIM.EMAIL launched two beautiful new features for you. It’s another step in our plan to help you manage your needs.

Here is Magic Opt-in on The Viral Form and Phone Country Code on Form. Let’s check it out.

Magic Opt-in on The Viral Form

What's New on KIRIM.EMAIL This Month? 3
You may have noticed that KIRIM.EMAIL has a feature to create viral campaigns that are easy to use. With this feature, you can get new leads at an affordable cost. It can also make a viral effect on your business.

Maybe you are worried if it turns out that the incoming leads are inactive and of low quality. Especially, if you use a single opt-in, which is more to be entered by fake emails.

Therefore, you may need to use Double Opt-in to send a confirmation email to new potential leads and verify that the email is valid and used.

It’s possible that what you’re looking for is a potential buyer/new client, not just an email.

We created Magic Opt-in that combines single opt-in and double opt-ins. And now, you can also combine this with our viral feature.

This way, you can get quality new lead data without bothering anyone. You can also give the lead magnet anything you want. You can learn more here.

Phone Country Code on Form

You can now provide a default Phone code on your form to make it easier for prospective subscribers to fill it out.

It will help you to manage your subscribers across the world.

What's New on KIRIM.EMAIL This Month? 4
In case your miss it, here’s our past updates:

If your account is no longer active? You can renew it here.

Try out these new features and keep growing your business with KIRIM.EMAIL!

That’s it for the new features for now. Have fun exploring, and see you on the next updates!
If you have something to ask or discuss. Please contact our support team at support@kirim.email or chat us at Facebook Messenger

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