The Terms of Email Marketing

Get to know about the terms of email marketing is the best thing you do before learning a lot about email marketing. Just like we learn to drive. We must know and understand the functions of each panels.

Likewise, in the email marketing. You may be able to send mass emails right now, but you don’t know the terms of email marketing. In the future, if you still don’t know and don’t understand the terms of email marketing, We’ll make sure that your email marketing will not last long.

Therefore, through this blog page, we are from KIRIM.EMAIL team would like to share with you about the terms of email marketing. What are these terms? Let’s discuss one by one.

The Terms of Email Marketing

A/B TEST Email Marketing

The campaign type that allows you to create multiple variations of the same email to determine the best option. Usually, the email title, sender name and delivery time are tested.


The next term of email marketing is Application Programming Interface or API. API can be used to connect web-based applications. API from KIRIM.EMAIL can be accessed via Token menu. You can learn it here.


The system that allows you to create a series emails that are triggered by certain events.


Bounce is a term that used for failed emails. (You can also read Soft and Hard Bounce)


Broadcast email is a method of sending email to group of people (list) at one time.


The Series emails that sent to the list within a certain period of time.

Click Rate

Click rate is the percentage of clicks from email that success to send.

Double Opt-in

Different from the Single Opt-in, the receiver email will be asked to confirm by pressing the link on the confirmation email before the data is considered valid.

Hard Bounce

Hard bounce is a term that indicates the reason of email failed to send. It’s can happen because of the wrong email address, there is no destination email address so the receiver’s email server blocking the incoming email.

HTML Email

Email is provided in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format that allows you to insert images, change colors, fonts and make the email look more attractive.

Landing Page

In a simple way, landing page is the first page where a visitor landing after click on a link. Generally landing page is designed for a specific purpose such as selling a product or service.

Lead Generation

The campaign strategy that designed to generate potential buyers.


The group of contacts who will receive an email that have you send.

Open Rate

Open rate is the percentage of emails opened that success to send.


Opt-in is a term that used when someone gives permission to subscribe an email from the sender.


Opt-out is a term that used when the receiver of email decides to stop receiving email from the sender.


It shows you part of the List that fulfill certain criteria.

Single Opt-In

Email subscription method where is the email address added to List without requiring the receiver to confirm first.

Soft Bounce

Soft bounce is referring to the failed email due to temporary problems from receiver such as: full storage capacity, email server is down, offline, and the email messages is too large.

Those above are some terms that will often encounter in email marketing. From, reading and understanding the terms in email marketing above, it can make it easier for us to do email marketing activities.

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