Zombie Email Hacks: What To Do with ZER’s Deleted Emails?

Realize it or not, there might be so many types of email contacts stored in your list.

Some are in the form of free emails such as Gmail, Hotmail, and yahoo, and some others are business email addresses using their own domain. Even sometimes, there are also email addresses that come from disposable email services.

But of all the types of contacts above, if you narrow it down, it is only divided into 2, namely active and inactive emails.

Active email is an email address that is frequently opened by the owner, both for sending and/ or receiving emails.

Inactive email, on the other hand, is one that its owner has not used in a very long period. Maybe the email has been removed by the email service provider because it is no longer in use, the owner forgot the password and cannot recover it. At KIRIM.EMAIL, we call this a zombie email.

Actually, the email addresses exist, we can email them even the status is sent, but there is no activity from the email. Just like a zombie, his body is still alive, but his life is no longer in it. So if it is left stored in your list, it will be harmful to the rest active emails.

But don’t worry. To overcome this, we’ve made a feature called ZER or Zombie Email Removal.

This feature will automatically delete all the zombie emails hidden in your email list according to the last active time that you set yourself.

For more details about ZER and how to use it, learn more here.  

Once ZER is up and running, you will receive a report via email along with the deleted contacts in a CSV file. You can download the file and use it for other things that could be useful for you, and here are the things that we recommend:

Retargeting to Ads

This is, of course, the first recommendation.

Even though they don’t regularly check their email, some people are quite active on social media. And we know that social media accounts and email addresses are frequently connected since the main requirement when registering for a social media account is inputting an email address.

In digital marketing, there is the term List-Based Retargeting Ads. The point is to do retargeting based on the list you have.

I think this method is the most effective way of advertising because you already have a specific and targeted list.

You don’t need to do any target audience research anymore. Simply export the email contacts deleted by ZER, use them for ad retargeting, then you just need to evaluate the results. That’s all.

But for now, we can run List-Based Retargeting Ads only on Facebook Ads. But that’s enough for you to reach audiences on Instagram and Facebook.

Excluding From Ads

Different from the first one, the second recommendation is to exclude the audiences from our ads. The audiences here are those who include in the zombie email list.

How is it different from the first one?

The most obvious difference lies in its objective. For the first recommendation, the suitable objectives might be awareness, clicks to website, or conversion.

But for this, the objectives could be lead ads. When you advertise to get leads, you can make it even more specific by excluding some audiences with the ZER’s deleted emails.

You can learn how to do this by watching the video below:

Re-importing to KIRIM.EMAIL List

KIRIM.EMAIL allows you to re-import ZER’s deleted emails into your KIRIM.EMAIL list again. There is no prohibition for this.

But, you need to know the consequences behind it.

When you re-import those zombie email contacts, it has the potential to be deleted again by ZER within a maximum period of 3 months.

This is because we have a new policy regarding the last active time of emails which ZER will delete.

Not only that, if you are using a PREPAID OR CREDIT account, your credits will be reduced when you import contacts.

So, please think twice when you want to go with this recommendation.

Throwing it away

Last but not least is to throw them away. If you’re sure you no longer need the zombie email list, you can get rid of it by deleting it.

That’s all for some of the things we recommend for your zombie email contacts. One thing to note: having a small but full of active email list is much better than having lots of contacts but lots of zombie emails.

I hope this is useful and see you on the next article.

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